48-002 EAGLE COUNTRY BITBURG /Spangdahlem

Squadron Emblems

Wing and squadron badges are in the correct size and style, as with the national insignia. Both were often mishappen on previous Eagle decal sheets.
Even the accuracy of tail numbers and codes are leaving a lot to be desired on many F-15 sheets, even on some aftermarket ones.


The decals are screen printed by the famous printing company Cartograf Italy. 
All fonts are readable and the colors are selected to match with Hataka / Mr. Paint.
The carrier film is very thin and trimming is almost not necessary, because the carrier film virtually does not stand out of the marking.


An interesting fact is, that two differnet styles of SP tail codes can be found, which never was considered before on a decal sheet of 52nd FW Eagles. The wide characters were applied during the deployment from Bitburg AB to Spangdahlem AB, during the time they were replaced by the normal characters.